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Rowe-Clark Math & Science Academy

The Noble Network of Charter Schools
  • Humboldt Park
Rowe-Clark Math & Science Academy


3645 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60651
(773)242-2212 ext. 5008
Grades served: K-2, 5th, 9th - 12th

The Noble Network of Charter Schools was founded in 1999 by two Chicago Public Schools teachers, Michael and Tonya Milkie. Noble was started to provide low-income students with the scholarship, discipline and honor necessary to succeed in college and in life. What began as one high school has since successfully replicated to twelve campuses throughout Chicago serving 7,700 students. We open our schools in communities of greatest need to provide a high-performing high school option to low-income families that can't afford private school tuition.

Noble is Chicago's largest and highest-performing high school network. Our model has successfully closed the academic gap for students who enter high school as much as three to five grade levels behind and proves that given the right environment, every student can succeed.

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Academic Performance Snapshot

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Student Performance
CPS Open-Enrollment AverageRowe-Clark Math & Science Academy

Average ACT Score

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The ACT test is our best measure of how ready students are for college. A score of 21.3 or higher is "college ready." “College ready” means that a student has about a 50 percent chance of getting a “B” or better in his or her college courses.

Average ACT Score - 11th grade


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This number shows the percent of freshmen who graduate from high school within five years.

Graduation Rate


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This number shows the percent of high school graduates from this school who are in college the following fall.

College Enrollment Rate
CPS Open-Enrollment Average

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